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Research and Development

Honing e-Learning competency with research and development

Excelsoft's research into new technology as well as futuristic methodology to deliver programs helps us stay ahead in the race for advancing efficiency and efficacy in our e-Learning practices.

Our approach to research is twin pronged and works on the basis of:


  • “Act Now” - a set of troubleshooting initiatives that support existing programs as well as our forays into Applied Research.
  • “Think Future” - our research initiatives into futuristic technologies, tools, standards and best practices in e-Learning. We have a full-fledged program to build/proof of concept prototypes based on our research findings.
  • These emerging areas include 3D Virtual Worlds, Semantic Learning and Mobile learning.

3D Virtual Worlds

Virtual Worlds for Education using Second Life and Metaverse Platforms like Multiverse.

Semantic Learning

We believe the Semantic Web can be oriented effectively for learning and publishing. Our current research interest is to use the power of ontologies to build strongly interlinked knowledge base. For example - we have proposed the use of BOTs in Virtual Worlds and other learning environment.