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Improve Learning Outcomes 

Cognowise, Excelsoft’s Learning Analytics Platform, helps you improve learning outcomes and learner success.  It integrates with the  ERP and other systems to enable analytics and optimization while preserving individual privacy. Cognowise was featured by NASSCOM in 2014

Universities are using this time-saving analytics tool to provide decision making support to each of the following stake holders:

  • Learner - Identify areas of weakness; recommend learning paths; provide continuous evaluation and remediation suggestions
  • Instructors / Mentors - Identify at-risk students; monitor trends; recommend adjustments to learning style/path
  • Administrator / Content Team - Measure program effectiveness; continuously improve learning resources
  • Curriculum Designer – Provides for flexibility based on student learning styles; improves content efficacy; enables historical trend analysis
  • Certification Bodies – Perform Cheat Analysis;  Enables Item Bank effectiveness
  • Funding Body – Enables better decision making to decide to which competencies/programs to allocate more funds