Covid 19 Crisis


Key factor to look for while selecting an online teaching solution during the COVID-19 crisis

Adapting to technology has always been the key factor in not just driving a business but also its sustenance. And COVID-19 has now posed some serious needs for business all over the world to move their platforms online. While the process may be tiring, difficult, and exhaustive, the benefits far outweigh the difficulties faced. Let’s take a look at the best ways to address these challenges.

What is the best way to address Support related queries from teachers and learners?

You are not in this alone. Many folks are doing this for the first time and may not have all the answers. Therefore, ensure your technology provider doesn’t just have a good product but has better support. Technical support can range from helping you with your forgotten password to fixing your pop-up blocker. To avoid spending time troubleshooting technical problems, ensure your provider provides you FAQs or videos tutorials that provide solutions to the most common problems.

How to ensure that students are Engaged?

When you are in class, your main job is to engage with students, ask them the right questions, create an environment for healthy conversations, and help them learn thoroughly. It is important not to forget this in an online environment. Therefore, every now and then while you are delivering your teaching online, take a step back and ask the learners of their opinion and understanding. Make sure your platform allows you to initiate discussions during the training sessions. It would be great if your platform can provide you with the option to
structure your content that allows activities and multimedia content along with teaching material.

How do you approach assessment in an online class?

Transition Assessments from print to online is by far the biggest question. You will not be able to see the students face to face, therefore, it is important to choose a system that provides a strong assessment engine which includes features like adaptive algorithms, strong metadata to manage questions, question/test management, remote proctoring services, and others.

Always understand that technology is an Enabler; it doesn’t Teach

The biggest misconception of technology is that it will replace the teacher. The objective of technology is to enable you to teach in a more engaging way. This means using interactive content rather than static print materials, engaging with the classroom by using the technology tools that will promote a conversation.

How to identify and support struggling students?

It is very easy to identify someone who requires extra support because you can see them in front of you. An online setting is quite different. As an online teacher, you will need to ensure that students have downloaded the necessary documentation, read the relevant chapters etc. You will need a system with a dashboard of all the lessons, tasks, assignments, activities, and projects that a student does in order to be updated on their performance and proactively take measures that can help you achieve all this.

Take constant feedback to ensure progress and improvement

Feedback from your students about the class performance is critical. Quick surveys are a great way to do this. It does not require much formal approach and students prefer that their teachers constantly do this so that they can have a platform to voice their needs and opinions. Ensure you have this platform that allows you to get constant feedback from your learners.

These are challenging times. The first step is to ask a question. We welcom all queries and would be happy to answer your questions. Do not hesitate to contact us on or leave a note on our linkedin page Don’t forget to follow us for constant updates on how to transition from to an online education format. All the best!

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