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“Drawing from the best practices of 18+ years in the field of online learning and assessment, we at Excelsoft are opening our door to answer any questions or queries that you may have in deploying solutions for learning and assessments."

D. Sudhanva, Co-founder and CEO

Impact of Covid on Education Sector

It has been a challenging year for the education industry where COVID has forced us to adapt to a new normal situation which has created many doubts about the way forward. See what Colin Hughes, Former Managing Director of Collins Learning had to say on the current situation where he has answered some questions which will help us understand the current COVID climate and the path forward in years to come.

An Introduction: How Covid has impacted the education sector?

How the pandemic has affected the relationship between schools, students, and parents?

What role will technology have in the mental health and well-being of students?

What is the role of data in online education and how assessments should be looked into?

Learning and Assessment Continuity in Covid

Is Your Organization Missing Out on the COVID Pandemic?

During this challenging pandemic times, how is Excelsoft’s Saras TM Test and Assessment platform facilitating learning and assessment continuity?

Is your organization ready for the shift towards the New Normal?

Gear up with our Toolkit which can help Learning and Development Experts continue delivering Corporate Training in the Remote Working Environment

How Technology is Shaping the Future of Education

We live in a Technology Saturated World, a world in which all of us, people of all ages, all walks of life encounter technology in one way or other in our daily lives. Technology is everywhere, entwined in almost every part of our culture. It affects how we live, eat, work, play, and most importantly how we learn!

What you need to know while selecting a solution for online teaching during the COVID-19 crisis

Know what folks from across the Higher-Ed and K12 industry have to say on the challenges they are facing while transitioning to an online mode of education and how to address them to help streamline this transition.