Microlearning Platform

Why EnhanzED?

A Microlearning platform that focuses on building High-Quality, Differentiated Learning experiences to suit learning habits of millennials who prefer rich and engaging content that is short, crisp and can be accessed anytime, anywhere and on the go!

  • Enriched microlearning contents with Video, Audio, Animation, Narrative and Quiz to make learning process fun and interactive.
  • Possibility to modify the learning process and content as per users requirement.
  • Pinpointed push notifications for higher user engagement.

Microlearning: Driving the Learning Strategy

Efficient transfer of learning that suits the millennial learners demand for training which is informal, On-demand and customized to their needs. Short bursts of informative nuggets that match the working memory capacity and attention spans of learners

Bite Sized Learning

Crisp informative nuggets which fits into short attention span of millennial learners and makes comprehension easier

Improved Retention

Focused microlearning content addressing 1-2 learning objective/s at a time, without cluttering irrelevant information

Gamified Learning

Badges, Certificates, Leader Boards and more… to engage and motivate learners

Powerful Analytics

Monitor Learners progress, engagement and performance in real time through insightful user/group based reports

Business Models

EnhanzED for Corporate

  • Can cater to all corporate training needs, both formal and informal learning
  • Cost effective solution due to their shorter run lengths as compared to traditional eLearning
  • Fast to deploy as nuggets have a shorter development cycle
  • Easier to update and re-deploy
  • Engage your employees through high impact trainings for improved application of learning on the job

EnhanzED for Academia

  • Caters to formal learning environments
  • Supplements “in-class” learning
  • Supports easy recall of information before end-course examinations
  • Professors/Course Instructors can manage learning progress of batch/s of students
  • Can be deployed in the academia for all developmental learning opportunities across all stakeholders

Excelsoft has the capability to develop and produce micro-learning content that could be accessed on any digital device. EnhanzED’s Mobile and Web platforms can be customized and white labeled to suit customer requirements