Message from our CEO

A message from our CEO

We live in an increasingly complex and fast-changing world where health and wellbeing for our partners as well as continuous communication are critical. Over the last couple of weeks, my team and I have been working diligently on helping our partners transition from classroom-based learning and assessments to online. Whether they are schools, colleges or even corporates, we have been working with our partners to ensure that the function of learning & development and training goes on. All this while keeping in mind that the safety and welfare of the learners are most important.

Through this period, we have been asked by many people the best strategy for transition from classroom-based learning to online. For this reason, we are opening our doors to answering any questions and queries you may have to transition from a classroom to online and deploying solutions in online learning and assessments. Excelsoft with 18+ years of experience is offering a free consultation to organizations on how you can continue to provide a quality education through efficient and secure online platforms.

These are challenging times. The first step is to ask a question. We welcome all queries and would be happy to answer your questions. Do not hesitate to contact us at

D. Sudhanva

Co-founder and CEO

Excelsoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd