Today’s LMSs need to be light weight, customizable, and agile, NOT monolithic, heavy behemoths

Saras is built on a micro services architecture that allows you to customize the solution based on your requirements. Simply put, Saras is the perfect pay-as-you-go style solution that gives you complete flexibility in customization. Whether you have 1000 users or 50000 users, Saras can adapt to your requirements, in the process save you from the hassles and cost that you would spend on a large scale LMS, where half the features are never used.

Learning solutions that reduce your operational cost and increase your return on investment

Focus on learning to improve on-the job skills

Power to the learners
allowing them to plan
their own learning journey

Remedial learning leading to better retention

Seamless and effective
compliance training

Engagement is at the Heart of Learning

Key challenges in learning today is the lack of engagement between the content and the learner. Any LMS should act as a bridge, creating an engaging environment for the learner and fostering high levels of motivation to learn.

Saras has proven data that shows increase in Saras usage – a key indicator to show high levels of learner engagement.

Mobile First Approach

Legacy LMSs are built on older technologies that do not allow the flexibility to the users to learn at their own pace.

Saras Corporate LMS mobile is a light-weight learning solution that can be tailored to your requirements. It is perfect for self paced and remedial learning.

Saras™ supports major eLearning standards and protocols to measure learners’ experience and outcomes

SARAS integrates easily with third party enterprise software and can be deployed on the cloud as well as on-premise.

  • Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM)
  • The Aviation Industry CBT Committee (AICC)
  • The Experience API (xAPI)
  • Question and Test Interoperability (QTI)
  • Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI)

Select your Saras™ version that is best suited for you

Saras Lite
  • Perfect for small organizations, looking to set up a lite and functional off-the-shelf learning solution
  • Completely SaaS based
  • Incorporates both online and classroom training features
  • Enables critical training around compliance and sales
  • Strong assessment engine to help retain and reinforce
  • Responsive design, providing a great learning experience

Saras Enterprise
  • Medium to large enterprises who require a complete suite of learning services and tailored solutions
  • Incorporates all the functions from learning management to performance management
  • Cloud and on-premise deployment available based on your requirements
  • Easy to integrate with third party Enterprise systems and databases
  • Analytics packed reporting

Saras Retain and Reinforce (Mobile)
  • Latest mobile first offering from Excelsoft focusing on retain and reinforcement learning
  • Based on micro learning methodologies
  • Fit for both Small and Medium Enterprises, and Large enterprises, and perfectly compliments your existing Enterprise level LMS
  • Interactive and video based content delivery providing short bursts of learning and assessments
  • Focusing on mobile first content delivery, and can easily integrate with your existing employee authentication

Feature highlights

Saras™ digital footprint spanning across multiple industries









Public Sector

Saras LMS empowers educational institutions and businesses for delivering quality training. Experience building mechanism with a personalized demo.

The numbers speak

Spread across educational publishers, universities and schools, licensing/awarding bodies, as well as the government, defense and corporate sectors.

30+ Customers
2000+ Programs
3500+ Courses
3500+ Courses
1000+ Classroom training
1M+ Learners
10M+ Test Submissions