Saras- Awards and Certifications Bodies

Deliver tests and remedial learning


Specialized features for certifying body

  • Highly secure
  • Online/Offline proctoring system
  • Both cloud and locally hosted options available
  • Branding support
  • Simple and efficient
  • Diverse question types
  • Customize based on subject and tests
  • Badging and certification


  • Saras offers hosting on Amazon, Azure, and on-premise environments
  • Saras follows strong encryption algorithms for data security
  • Online proctoring available with live behavioral alerts
  • Integration with biometrics, thumb imprints, and other third party tools available
  • Complete log sheets with detailed records for audits and session reviews
  • Browser and specific key lockdown facilities available supporting multiple devices on Windows and Linux OS

Great User Experience for Students

  • Ease of registration including promotional codes and online payments
  • Integration with multiple payment gateways
  • Rich templates for certificate design with QR codes for authenticity
  • Branding support

Smart Reporting

  • Highly customizable
  • Multi-level reports from candidates to classes, and groups
  • Offline proctoring reports for detailed analysis
  • License usage reports for test centers
  • Reports on payment receipts

Simple, Efficient and Highly customizable

  • Create custom certificates
  • 40+ question types with rich media for test creation
  • Plug and Play adaptive algorithms
  • Custom grading based on subject
  • Customizable adaptive algorithm
  • Customizable test workflows

Center Management and Booking System

Validate, setup and manage your test centers through simple steps. Allow your candidates to book test slots or use algorithm driven best-fit candidate slot allocation

  • Validate your test infrastructure using a utility
  • Book test slots with/without accommodation requests
  • Manage e-marketplace – catalogue, payments and discounts, and payment gateway

Saras™ empowers educators and assessment companies to cater to their unique assessment needs. Request for a personalized demo.