SARAS- Educational Publishers

End to End assessment delivery

Excelsoft offers an end to end solution for our partners. Our solution Saras, allows you to author questions or select from question banks to create tests , share them with schools who can then use them as-is or customize, and assign tests to students. As an educational publisher, when you use Saras, you can chose your own licensing model, whether they are institutional licenses or direct to consumer licenses. Saras also has an in-built e-Commerce module allowing institutions or individuals to purchase tests.

Author Items

Create different item types, encrypt, and securely store them in an item bank with rich metadata

Create and Schedule

Create your tests using items, templates and publish them

Test Delivery

Freedom to securely deliver test via desktop, mobile devices, and paper


Auto and rubric based marking for test items with score moderation

A Great User Experience

  • WYSIWYG editor for item authoring
  • Workflow management to manage authors and editors
  • Strong license management
  • API management for seamless integration with other platforms
  • Built on global standards to allow content reusability
  • Classroom management
  • Question bank management
  • Smart reports
  • API management to connect easily with school Management Information Systems (MIS)
  • Great user experience allowing user to focus on the content
  • Student and teacher interaction

Item and Test Authoring

Providing you strong item and test authoring capabilities with secured and structured banking

  • Support for rich text, audio/video, MathML, and scientific equations
  • Exposure control, discrimination indices, item efficacy, and other item controls
  • Robust metadata management and version control
  • It is easy to import questions in QTI format. Saras also provides a QTI conversion tool to import questions from MS Word and MS Excel

A Robust and Secure Test Platform

Ensures secure testing environment, monitors tests in real-time, and auto scale-up for high volume test delivery

  • Multi-factor authentication with biometric support
  • Secure browser for restricted test delivery
  • Integrable with any proctoring tool
  • Live dashboard to monitor test sessions
  • Centralized and distributed test delivery based on test volume

Scoring Responses and Test Moderation

Auto scoring, workflow based scoring for constructed essay responses, and pen and paper tests

  • Manage multiple markers and final score allocation
  • Provide rubrics, model answers and tools for evaluation
  • Moderate test scores to ensure consistency

Reporting and Analytics

Access to rich reporting dashboard with graphical and drill down reports, and trends

  • Candidate performance
  • Item and test level analytics
  • Forensic analysis via audit trail
  • Custom reports
  • Content usage, engagement, and efficacy

License Management

Saras gives you complete control over license and user management. Whether you are selling to institutions or directly to learners, Saras allows you to manage both models. Saras also allows learners/institutions to make purchases within the platform through payment gateways.

Saras™ empowers educators and assessment companies to cater to their unique assessment needs. Request for a personalized demo.