SARAS- Schools and Universities

Deliver diagnostic, practice, and mock tests and remedial learning

30M+ students use Saras Test and Assessment worldwide. Through Saras, schools and universities conduct formative and summative tests. Saras offers highest level of security, scalability, and a great user experience for learners. Saras computer adaptive testing is based on the IRT theory and is customizable based on the type of tests and the testers. With over 40+ question types from ELT to Math and Physics, teachers can either create tests with new questions or choose from an existing question bank. Saras offers great scalability with very high concurrency. This means almost limitless capacity to scale out.


Specialized Features

  • Confidence meters that assess your level of confidence while preparing
  • Bookmarking and e-Portfolio
  • Student and teacher interaction
  • Discussion forums
  • Assignments
  • Student/Group/Class management
  • Quick test creation through templates
  • Student and teacher interaction
  • Automated scoring
  • License management
  • Strong admin functions
  • Smart reports


Orient candidates for the standardized test they intend to prepare for

  • Information about the test
  • Test structure and pattern
  • Understand the key subjects/topics/focus areas


Help candidates get accustomed with subjects/topics/areas

  • Support for formative, diagnostic, mock and custom (create your own) Tests
  • Allow learner to practice from multiple question types
  • Progress reports with strengths and weaknesses
  • Focused feedback


Ensure mastery over relevant subject(s) as well as the skills and strategies needed to succeed

  • Remedial learning
  • Engage with Subject Matter Experts
  • Provide additional tests packs

Adaptive Testing

Saras allows you to customize your adaptive algorithm. This enables you to change algorithms based on different subjects making Saras one of the most agile assessment systems in the market.

Reporting and Analytics

Access to rich reporting dashboard with graphical and drill down reports, and trends

  • Candidate performance
  • Item and test level analytics
  • Forensic analysis via audit trail
  • Custom reports
  • Content usage, engagement, and efficacy

Ease of Integration

Saras allows you to easily integrate with your existing LMS/ERPs and other tools using standard protocols like LTI, oAuth, HMAC, and others. With open APIs, integration is fast and seamless. Sarashas already integrated with the likes of Moodle, Blackboard, and Openpath

Center Management and Booking System

Validate, setup and manage your test centers through simple steps. Allow your candidates to book test slots or use algorithm driven best-fit candidate slot allocation

  • Validate your test infrastructure using a utility
  • Book test slots with/without accommodation requests
  • Manage e-marketplace – catalogue, payments and discounts, and payment gateway

Saras™ empowers educators and assessment companies to cater to their unique assessment needs. Request for a personalized demo.