Recorded Proctoring

Recorded Proctoring Overview

Saras™ Easy Proctor facilitates audio, video, workstation screens, candidate image capture for review by a proctor. The video as well as the image feeds are screened through an AI engine to flag any unscrupulous candidate behavior during the examination delivery. The AI engine automates the process of identifying the instances in the session recording where there is a chance of candidate cheating.

Instances flagged by AI Engine

  • No face detected
  • Multiple faces detected
  • Face mismatch against candidate registered photograph
  • Candidate face not visible or a candidate looking elsewhere

Video recording analysis by Proctor

  • View the candidate’s registered photo ID against the one captured by the webcam before the commencement of the exam.
  • View pre-screened video recording of the candidate’s workstation.
  • Playback the entire video or filter by events severity i.e. high, medium, low, etc.
  • The system provides reasoning for severity classification to the proctor.
  • Pause, highlight, annotate, add comments at any point in the recording.
  • Approve or reject the candidate attempt or recommend the recording for other proctors to review.

Proctor analyses Image Recording

  • View the exam session recording asynchronously.
  • Pre-screen candidate’s photographs captured via webcam and flag for severity levels similar to video mode.
  • Reduce the proctor’s effort and time involved in evaluating all photos frame by frame.
  • Most cost-efficient, resource-efficient approach for remote proctoring.
  • Bandwidth-efficient, reasonable, and economic cloud cost since the images are not heavy.

Use of own analysis service built on advanced AI and Machine Learning Algorithm

  • Video comparison
  • Photo comparison

Saras™ Easy Proctor allows universities and colleges to remotely proctor their online examinations with an enhanced level of security and validation for online education.

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