Best in class training and development services

Excelsoft offers best in class training and development, and digital learning services. Our team breaks the boundaries of learning and development by introducing the latest technology to make sure you achieve your learning goals.

As we move into the The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), companies will have to tackle with new challenges in learning, onboarding, and training. Learning and development teams will be at the forefront to help the workforce deal with these challenges. Excelsoft is your perfect partner in helping you with this transition.

Our Training and Course Development Methodology Revolves Around

Blended learning

Employee engagement

Latest technologies including Augmented and Virtual Reality

Digital Transformation

  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) will bring new challenges in Learning and Development. As the GenZ takes over the workforce, they will require a completely different approach to learning
  • Excelsoft is your perfect partner in not only curating the content but helping you choose the right technology that will deliver the best outcomes
  • With the increasing dependence on eLearning, organizations are looking for newer ways to improve the learning experience. Excelsoft is at the forefront of using new innovative technologies and methods such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mobile First Learning, and Micro- Learning. This is helping in not only to improve the learning experience but also in achieving better outcomes
  • We are constantly evolving with new eLearning concepts to ensure we keep the learner engaged,  and resulting in constant improvement in learning outcomes

Training and Development Managed Services

  • Are you faced with huge bills from training and development companies? Do you feel today’s training and development exercises aren’t creating the impact that you would have hoped they would? Are you lacking the data to prove that training and development has a positive impact and that it is not just another “task” that the employees need to do?
  • Our technology-led approach to training and development is helping organizations reduce costs, and increase learning impact
  • Our tools present evidence of improvement in outcomes thereby provide a clear return on investment
  • Excelsoft through our partners and Subject Matter Experts (SME) can help you with filling the gaps in your learning and development strategy
  • From helping you create training budgets to selecting the right training programs, as well as the technologies that will provide the evidence of outcomes, Excelsoft can help you through the way to organize your learning and development needs

Engaging and Interactive eLearning

  • Have a project in mind and want a team to provide low cost creative inputs?
  • Looking to update your old flash based or “dull” HTML5 based eLearning courses?
  • Looking to incorporate video-based learning into your eLearning strategy?
  • Make use of our creative teams that can help you upgrade your current eLearning repository.

Excelsoft has produced over 6,000 hours of courseware and over 2,000 eBooks. Try Content service now and experience the power of content automation.