AI at Excelsoft


Excelsoft recognizes the crucial role of AI in shaping the future and has made significant strides in integrating it across the organization. We are not just talking about the “AI push" – we are actively implementing it through AI-powered products. Our sales team confidently positions AI solutions, we regularly conduct workshops and seminars about the latest AI advancements, and most of the departments adopt the use of AI tools to optimize their workflows.

We recognize the need for a formalized, organization-wide AI strategy and to drive this goal, we established the AI Focus Group, taking ownership of a structured implementation program.

AI Focus Group at Excelsoft

Our AI Focus Group is the driving force behind our organization-wide AI strategy. They aim to establish clear guidelines for infusing AI and machine learning into our products and services. They focus on equipping our product, tech, and operations teams with the skills and knowledge to wield AI effectively.

The ultimate goal is to develop customer-centric prototypes and features that solve real-world problems, all fuelled by the power of AI. But they’re not just focused on the technical aspect but also ensuring ethical and legal considerations are always at the forefront of our AI journey.

AI in Processes and Operations

We have started incorporating AI into our processes and operations. We are finding innovative ways to adopt AI into our core processes and operations from development to deployment. AI-Assisted Code Generation, Review, and Correction have increased our developers’ productivity across technologies. We are working closely with Microsoft and Amazon, exploring their tools in this effort. The quality and efficiency of our QA Teams have increased with AI-generated test scripts, plans, and cases. AI-Assisted Automated Deployments and Issue Prediction are being experimented with for seamless and issue-free deployments. AI-Assisted Specifications Documentation and user manuals are being tried out for quick, accurate technical documentation. The HR team is harnessing AI for CV screening and policy documentation, ensuring efficiency and accuracy even behind the scenes.

With the AI Focus Group driving the exploration, the future of our processes and operations promises to be truly intelligent.

AI Features in Products

Excelsoft is not just building AI – we are building more innovative products. We’ve worked with our customers and tapped into industry expertise to identify real-world challenges where AI can help. Some of the active projects:

Online Assessments:

  • AI-Assisted Item and Test Construction
  • AI-assisted auto-marking of Written, Spoken, and Programming Responses
  • Smart Post-test Forensics
  • Smart Flagging of Duplicate and Compromised Items

Learning Experience and Content Services:

  • AI-Assisted Content Generation and Beautification
  • AI chatbots for Content Discovery and Tutoring
  • AI for Student Profiling and Personalised Learning
  • AI-Powered Content Recommendations

Remote Proctoring:

  • AI in Remote Proctoring: Face, Voice, Object, Keystrokes Detection
  • Selective blurring of test content for proctors

Student Success and Higher Education:

  • Predictive Analytics and Early Alerts
  • Detection of At-risk Students
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