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At a challenging time like this, we, at Excelsoft, are open to lending a helping hand to all schools, colleges, universities or organizations who want to transition from classroom-based learning and assessments to online. Click to know more

Online Exams and Proctoring Solutions
Learning and Development Solutions
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Online Exams and Proctoring Solutions

Our customers come from diverse sectors and regions from around the world. Whether you are a government body, a business, a publisher or an educational institution, we understand your learning technology needs.

Research to date has shown that Item Response Theory (IRT) has been applied to get the best results from adaptive item sequencing. Saras provides a strong adaptive and customizable engine that follows the IRT parameters.

Saras is the perfect solution for certification bodies who are looking for an eAssessment platform that can manage all ends of the assessment process. From registration to assessment and AI driven proctoring to results and certification. Saras modular approach helps certification bodies deploy the solution and ensure business continuity in any environment.

Upskilling the workforce is critical for business success. Saras helps corporates in providing testing solutions whether its recruitment, onboarding, psychometric, or certification testing. A simple, efficient easy to use platform helps in keeping the Learning and Development costs low and provides a great user experience.

Governments require a secure solution to hiring, training, testing and upskilling their employees. Saras is currently being used by some of the largest governments in the world. This goes to show the credibility and stability of Saras as a product.

Saras Question Authoring

Saras authoring allows faculty, authors, institution staff and administrators to create, and grade exams in a secure and efficient way.

30+ Question
Workflow Manager Remotely Based
IRT Analytics for Question Performance
Supports Equation, OSCEs, Language
Version Control
Question Bank Management

Saras Assessment Delivery

Saras assessment along with proctoring allows institutions to deliver exams to students seamlessly either directly through Saras or via integration of their Learning Management System.

Easy to Integrate
Smart Registration System
Standards Compliant
Mobile Friendly
Online/Offline mode

Learning and Development Solutions

Excelsoft offers a cloud-based Learning Experience Platform (LXP) tailored to engage and motivate learners to own their learning. The Saras LXP empowers Learning and Development teams to align their learning objectives with organizational goals which ensures the best return on investment from learning.

Saras LXP is built on micro services that allow

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Taking your Training Online(new to LMS)Engage learning among teams that are working remotelyTraining teams who are on the frontline including sales teams, nurses, front of officeOnline testsEnterprise-level system that delivers all the above-listed features

Educational Publishing Solutions

Excelsoft’s homegrown eTextbook distribution solution, OpenPage, provides educational publishers with a simple, efficient, and innovative way to publish eBooks and distribute across schools and colleges.

Why OpenPage?

Creating Content via OpenPage’s Quick Author authoring allows publishers to upload ePub files and tag interactivities such as quizzes, and rich media content including videos, image galleries, audios to pages. OpenPage allows publishers easy publishing for their interactive ePub content through institutions and manage their subscriptions easily with a host of features including free trials, and managing second-hand purchases.

Cloud Based
Single Sign
on via LTI
Integration with SIS,
Asset repository, LMS
Teacher to Student
Following Global ePub
and QTI Standards
Best in Class eBook
Content Availability
Robust Institution

Industries we serve

Efficient transfer of learning that suits the millennial learners demand for training which is informal, On-demand and customized to their needs. Short bursts of informative nuggets that spans of learners

  • Embed Multimedia, interactivity and assessments
  • Read aloud with highlighted reading
  • Access on desktop, tablet or smartphone
  • Publisher, district and school admin panels
  • Reporting dashboards
  • Directly import PDFs for automated conversion to epub3
  • Immersive content with audio, video, simulations and more
  • Data driven personalized experience
  • Read online and offline
  • Easy LMS and SIS integration
  • Instructor-cohort collaboration
  • Smarter way to prepare for tests
  • Diagnostic pre-test for weakness identification
  • System Generated Personalized Study Plan
  • Knowledge checks and end of lesson tests
  • Post-test for further consolidation
  • Rich analytics to track progress
  • Create multimedia rich training courses
  • Create quick knowledge checks
  • Add simulations and interactive exercises
  • Keep track of course progress
  • Export reports
  • Easy Integration with LMS

HigherEd Student Success Solutions

CollegeSPARC, our Student Success Platform, is an intelligent data-driven software suite that empowers your students to take control and navigate optimally through their college education and beyond.

AI-Driven Advising Solution for Success, Planning, Retention and Career Readiness

CollegeSPARC solution has been developed with the active collaboration of leaders in higher education who understand the needs of the students, universities and aligns well with the recommendations from Complete College America (CCA), a non-profit organization that is a leader in defining strategies for student success and improved retention

Fully Cloud
Pluggable Platform
Plug-out, Plug-in
Strong Data and Analytics Foundation
Strong Data and Analytics Foundation
Drive Intelligent Recommendations
Drive Intelligent Recommendations
Holistic Picture of
Student Journey
Modular Architecture
Competency and Skills
Driven Approach
Help Accreditation,
Resource Planning, Efficacy

Our global footprint, serving customers across multiple time-zones

Our customers come from diverse sectors and regions from around the world. Whether you are a government body, a business, a publisher or an educational institution, we understand your learning technology needs.

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