Test Forensics is an AI-enabled service from Excelsoft for detecting test fraud using psychometric forensics. The application covers several methods for detecting irregularities and provides statistical evidence. The evidence from the application does not constitute the primary proof. If evidence from various sources converges to support the hypothesis of fraud, the testing agency can take further action, such as withholding the results.


What's under the hood?

The application uses the information below to investigate fraud on a test.

  • Test taker’s item response time
  • Changes in responses done by the test taker during the test
  • Response data and the test score
  • Number of test questions
  • Raw scores of test takers

Abnormalities Investigated

The application helps in detecting the following abnormalities. The abnormalities can be either at the student level or at a cohort/group level.

  • Item pre-knowledge
  • Item harvesting
  • Response change statistics
  • Answer similarity analysis
  • Person-fit statistics
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