Saras™ Easy Proctor

Conduct online examination with Saras™ Easy Proctor

Saras™ Easy Proctor, an innovative remote proctoring solution has been able to earn the confidence of many academicians across the globe. It ensures the sanctity and integrity of the online examination by eliminating any candidate malpractice through recorded proctoring, live proctoring along secure browser-based exam delivery.

Recorded Proctoring

Record and review audio-video feeds, images through artificial intelligence (AI) eliminating the need for multiple proctors.

Live Proctoring

Online exam monitoring by a live proctor in a remote location.

Secure Browser

The examination is launched via a secure Browser to ensure a secure exam delivery experience to the candidate.

Need for Remote Proctoring

Covid-19 induced lockdown has resulted in a surge of online examination. Prevention of cheating by students in an online examination is often considered a major challenge. Educational institutes and educators are concerned about safeguarding the sanctity of the examination, protecting and upholding the prestige and the reputation of their respective institutes.

Saras™ Easy Proctor

Saras™ Easy Proctor can be an integral part of your online examination management system as the educators and academicians worldwide have embraced online learning and training with optimism and certitude to continue human quest for knowledge amidst the Covid-19 disruption.

Saras Easy Proctor allows universities and colleges to remotely proctor their online examinations with an enhanced level of security and validation for online education.

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