EasyProctor an AI-based Remote Proctoring Solutions from Excelsoft

AI Based Online Remote Proctoring Platform

easyProctor is an AI-powered remote proctoring system that ensures the integrity of online exams by enabling proctors to remotely monitor and intervene in cases of student malpractices

Other Salient Features

Verification of student/test taker’s identity before and during the proctored exam.

Identity Verification

Verifying test-taker identity to ensure exam integrity.

Monitor and record the test taker’s behavior and key strokes using webcam and screencast live streams during proctored exam


Real-time monitoring of test-taker behavior and keystrokes via webcam and screencast.

An entirely browser based application supported across all popular browsers

Browser- Based Solution

An entirely browser- based application supported across all popular browsers

easyProctor is integrated with Moodle, Canvas, and any other Learning or Assessment system

System Integration

easyProctor offers seamless integration with Moodle, Canvas, and a wide range of Learning or Assessment systems.

A human Live proctor can communicate with the test-taker via text and audio chat.

Text and Audio Chat

Real-time communication between proctor and test-taker via text and audio chat.

Provides isometric view of the candidate and ensure exam integrit

Secondary Camera

Provides an isometric view of the candidate and ensures exam integrity, the secondary camera can be a student’s smartphone or a tablet with primary camera support. The smartphone/tablet will stream the video and audio to the Live proctor during the test.

Augmented proctoring is the use of technology, such as artificial intelligence and augmented reality, to enhance or replace traditional methods of invigilating exams.

Augmented AI Proctoring

Augmented proctoring utilizes AI and AR to enhance or replace traditional exam invigilation methods.

Secure Browser

easyProctor comes with a secure lockdown browser for a controlled and secured test environment

Secure Browser

easyProctor's secure lockdown browser safeguards the exam environment by restricting access to unauthorized content during proctored sessions. The secure lockdown browser is supported both on Windows and Mac OS

Data Security

easyProctor ensures that all critical and PII (Personally Identifiable Information) data are encrypted at rest and in transit.

Data Security

easyProctor prioritizes customer data security by encrypting all critical and PII (Personally Identifiable Information) data both at rest and in transit.

Image-Based Proctoring

  • Real-time AI-driven student identity verification
  • Continuous monitoring by capturing student photographs throughout the proctored exam session
  • Cost-effective solution for remote proctoring
  • Optimized for low-bandwidth environments
easyProctor supports image-based proctoring using AI services
easyProctor supports video-based proctoring using AI services

Video-Based Proctoring

  • Real-time student identity verification using AI services
  • Continuous monitoring of student video and audio streams throughout the proctored exam session
  • AI models analyze video and audio streams and provide the rationale for severity classification to the proctor
  • Proctors can use on-screen tools to annotate video frames for personalized comments

Live Proctoring

  • AI-assisted proctor-led student identity verification
  • AI-powered anomaly detection from live video streams
  • Remote exam session control with pause, terminate, and extra time options
  • Real-time monitoring of multiple candidates in a single window
  • Real-time text and audio chat communication between proctor and candidate
  • Monitor exams through live video streams with an option of storage for further analysis and auditing
  • Comprehensive proctor support with analytics and reporting
easyProctor is an online live Proctoring tool
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