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Award Winning Test and Assessment Solutions from Excelsoft

End -to- End Assessment Management with Analytics and Reporting

Saras™ Test and Assessment empowers educators and professionals to design and deliver tailored assessments through various models: formative, summative, diagnostic, adaptive, remote proctored, and even pen-and-paper based exams.

Saras™ Test and Assessment’s intuitive interface simplifies exam creation with 40+ question authoring templates and deliver exams seamlessly across any device. The IMS QTI compliance guarantees adherence to industry-leading quality and interoperability standards.

Saras™ is built on a microservices architecture, Saras™ provides the flexibility to customize the solution to meet specific exam requirements and workflows. It offers a comprehensive set of configurations to ensure it adapts seamlessly to various exam needs.

Saras™ adopts Item Response Theory (IRT) and Classical Test Theory (CTT) models to approach Item and Test data analysis. It supports a custom meta-data model that enables educators to tag items with granular-level metadata. This facilitates the generation of sophisticated analytical reports that provide insights into student response patterns, response time, engagement, and efficacy.

Saras™ offers secure end-to-end online testing capabilities. Saras™ is a cloud-agnostic and on-premise ready platform with robust SSO and integrations capability. Saras™ caters to the needs of educational publishers, schools, universities, corporates, and certification bodies.

Saras TM Assessment and Proctoring caters to the following sectors :

Adapting to your exam requirements

Saras™ has a comprehensive set of features and flexible customization options in workflows, test construction, and delivery mechanisms which empowers educators to deliver from a wide range of assessment models.

Modular Architecture of Saras Test and Assessment

Modular Architecture

Saras Test and Assessment is LTI compliant

Learning Tools Interoperability

Saras Test and Assessments adapts to diverse assessment needs and workflows and seamlessly scales to accommodate increasing test takers

Flexibility and Scalability

Saras Test and Assessment is compliant with standards related to testing and assessment

Standard Compliant

Saras Test and Assessment is mobile responsive

Mobile Friendly

Saras Test and Assessment supports multiple deployment model

Multiple Deployment Models

Power - Packed Assessment Management System

Saras Test and Assessment uses IRT Analytics

Item Response Theory (IRT) Analytics

Saras™ leverages IRT and CTT to analyze the item and test data, providing clear indicators to conduct fair, adaptive, unbiased and effective assessments. Educators will be empowered with deep insights into item and test data with graphical reports.

Rich and Highly Customizable Feature Set

  • 40+ question types with rich media for test creation
  • Customizable workflows
  • Instant test creation using question banks
  • Supports audio and video-based assessment, Geometry, Mathematics, and Scientific Equations
  • Adaptive Testing
  • Blended test delivery optimized for low bandwidth and flaky internet scenarios
  • Cost-effective Pen and Paper Tests
  • Multi-lingual support
  • e-Marketplace with integration to payment gateways
  • Test center management with candidate booking
Saras Test and Assessment feature is rich and customizable
Saras Test and Assessment provides ease of integration

Ease of Integration

Built on a microservices architecture, Saras™ seamlessly integrates with existing systems, ensuring flexibility, scalability, and adaptability.

Question and Test Interoperability (QTI)

Saras™ complies with IMS QTI standard and supports quick and easy data porting capabilities. It supports MS Word and MS Excel based templates for bulk data imports.

Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI)

Saras™ complies with IMS LTI interoperability standard and can seamlessly integrate with any learning management system and candidate management system

Well Defined APIs

Saras™ offers REST APIs for seamless integration with any 3rd party system and ensure secured data exchange mechanisms

Support to Multiple Assessment Types

Saras™ caters to all assessment needs, including:

  • Formative and summative assessments
  • Licensing, certification, placement, and recruitment tests
  • Evidence-based OSCE tests
  • Diagnostic and readiness tests
  • Regulatory compliance assessments
  • Skills Assessments
  • Personality and aptitude tests
  • Job and pre-employment tests
Saras Test and Assessment Support to Multiple Assessment types
Saras Test and Assessment is a Secure and Extensible Assessment Platform

A Secure and Scalable Assessment Platform

  • Modular design facilitating rapid new feature development with minimal effort and cost
  • Accessibility and GDPR compliance
  • Robust access control with multi-factor authentication (SAML, oAuth, SSO, etc.)
  • Flexible deployment models (Centralized/Test-center based /Hybrid)
  • Horizontally scalable to support high-volume test delivery requirements
  • Customizable to meet critical exam data security needs
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