e-Learning Consultancy Services from Excelsoft

eLearning Consultancy

Geared with a team of subject matter experts and e-learning content development solutions, we get involved in analyzing, creating, measuring, and delivering training formats that will address your requirements precisely.

Excelsoft Technologies has been making and providing e-learning and development solutions for many years. We help organizations, workers, and businesses with learning and development needs.

Our consultancy services

Excelsoft's Content Services helps in creating roap maps for curriculum designs
Creating roadmaps for curriculum designs
Excelsoft's Content Services helps in implementation and digitization services
Implementation and digitization initiatives
Excelsoft's Content Services helps in optimizing training neds
Optimizing training needs
Excelsoft's Content Services to benchmark learning processes
Benchmarking learning processes
Excelsoft's Content Services for exploring technological solutions
Exploring technological solutions
Excelsoft's Content Services for High ROI
Investing in high ROI (return-on-investment) areas

Our consultancy services broadly cover the three areas of expertise

Digital Transformation

Learning Object Construction

Curriculum Design

Digital Transformation

From AI machine learning practices, authoring tools, intelligent e-learning platforms, or custom e-learning solutions, we help digitally transform the training and learning practices of organizations, educational units, and individuals.

Digital Transformation expertise from Excelsoft

Learning Object Construction

Learning Object Construction from Excelsoft

Excelsoft Technologies conducts Discourse Analysis, Cybernetic Systems, Multiple Intelligences, and Collaborative Learning to construct Learning objects for the courses to make the learning process – effective, efficient, interactive, relatable, and diverse.

The LOs (Learning Objects) are designed with the following perspectives:

  • What is the essential knowledge, skills, or attitudes for this group of learners?
  • What level of learning is needed for learners?
  • What level of cognitive skill/accuracy is appropriate?
  • How to present the Learning Object in a relatable, real-life format?
Learning Object Construction from Excelsoft

Curriculum Design

Curriculum Design from Excelsoft

The academicians, authors, teachers from NCERT/ICSE boards, industry, technology experts, and instructional strategists work closely and collaboratively with other educational boards, curriculum development services, and eLearning content development companies to design curricula for your training needs.

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