Localization and Translation Services from Excelsoft

Localization and Translation

Expand the reach of the course content and transforms the entire product or content from languages that people communicates.

Localization is the process of modifying a product to adapt to the needs and preferences of users in a different region.

Excelsoft Content Services helps you eliminate routine translation tasks, automate processes, and easily track progress. Localize with Excelsoft to reach the courses and expand the audience of online learners, app users, web browsers, and game players, giving them a local experience in their language, irrespective of where they are.

Our global network of linguists comprises native speakers and subject matter experts who localize your content into the language your customers speak and best understand.

Proof Reading from Excelsoft
Proof reading
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Copy editing
Metadata Management from Excelsoft
Metadata management
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Editorial management
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Cultural appropriateness check
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