“Excelsoft wants to be a thought leader in education technology solutions. We strive to deliver the best online learning products and services that help our customers achieve their learning and development goals.” – Mr. Sudhanva, CEO

Great performances attract Great performers

Excelsoft comprises of 700+ professionals who have the qualifications, talent, expertise, experience, technological know-how, and thought leadership to offer our clients the very best in eLearning. Our team is organized to spearhead our strategic initiatives in eLearning and assessment interests of educational publishers, universities and schools, the government, defense and corporate sector

D. Sudhanva Excelsoft's Co-founder and CEO

D. Sudhanva

Co-founder and CEO

Mr Sudhanva established Excelsoft as a technology company focusing on innovative technology-enabled solutions in the education space. An Instrumentation Engineer, taught for a short period in a US University and returned to work for companies such as Kirloskar and Wipro. He was a Senior Consultant to World Bank and has been a member of several Advisory Committees, Boards of Studies and Academic Councils of several universities and institutions.


Mahesh Jambardi

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Mahesh Jambardi is an executive with 20 years of global and diverse industry experience covering areas of database technologies, airline solutions and education technologies. Has lived and worked with customers, across multiple continents. Has held diverse managerial positions in engineering, product management, consulting, business development, and operations. Key areas of his passion include conceptualizing and building technology products for education that make significant impact on student outcomes.

Mahesh Jambardi , Excelsoft's Chief Operating Officer
H M Prashanth, Excelsoft's Head Corporate Strategy

H M Prashanth

Head – Corporate Strategy

Mr Prashanth  has over 25 years of expertise and experience in corporate learning and development. He has worked in various corporate functions at Excelsoft that include business development, marketing and operations. With deep understanding of the primary and secondary education systems, coupled with a strong belief in constructivist learning models, he has led a wide range of pedagogically sound educational initiatives of Excelsoft.

Mr. Prashanth has Engineering degree and an MBA.


Ajay Kulkarni

Head – Business Development

Mr Ajay Kulkarni spearheads all the Business Development efforts of Excelsoft. With 20+ years of experience, Ajay brings with him in-depth knowledge of the education technology requirements and solutions for the same. Ajay’s exposure to global markets and a good understanding of the cultural aspects of different regions helps establish a great relationship with our partner organizations.

Mr. Ajay Kulkarni is an Engineering graduate and has a post-graduation in Management.

Ajay Kulkarni, Excelsoft's Head of Business Development
SHIVAKUMAR S, Excelsoft's Head Supports Functions

Shivakumar S

Head – Support Functions

Mr. Shivakumar has 25-years long tenure at Excelsoft. His diverse career at Excelsoft encompasses various roles in Business Development, HR, Administration, Infrastructure Management, and Procurement, as well as Governmental liaisons. He has prudent business knowledge and is involved in the administration of Excelsoft offices in India.

Mr. Shivakumar is a Mechanical Engineer with a post-graduation in Systems and Management.


Ravi S

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Ravi has more than two decades of experience as a finance professional and heading finance in Excelsoft as CFO for more than 11 years. He brings deep experience in financial management, accounting, audit, taxation, ERP implementation, and process design. He is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and the Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India.

Mr. Ravi - CFO