SarasLMS Pharma Manufacturing

Award-winning Blended Training Program
for Pharma Regulatory

The Client

The client is an independent, non-profit organization that works to protect patient safety and improve people’s health by ensuring the quality standards of medicines, dietary and nutritional supplements in food products.

20%Increase in Revenue
55 %Reduction in Training Costs

Business Needs

The client planned to have a training program that could:

  • Train the workforce and research vendors globally
  • Serve as the future knowledge base
  • Cut down the operational and training costs
  • Be easy on investments
  • Standardize the training formats
  • Offer personalized learning—anywhere, anytime
Saras LMS case study for a Pharma Manufacturing

Solution Highlights

Excelsoft adopted a three-tier learning practice for the project:

  • Created virtual classrooms for the pre-in-post sessions.
  • Hosted the sessions with assessments, offline worksheets, teachers and student manuals, and other aids on SarasTM LMS.
  • Launched Learning Mobile App that helped to:
    • Register employees and assign courses on a rule-based condition.
    • Enable virtual groups, chatrooms, and discussion boards.
    • Provide payment gateway and invoice generation facility.
    • Provide virtual feedback, alerts, and notifications.

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