Award winning Tech to Digitize Training for Medical Company

Digitized Sales Training of a Leading
Medical Technology Company

The Client

The client is a global medical technology company that sells devices for diagnostics, surgery, and imaging. They approached Excelsoft to remodel the training approach for their sales professionals.

Excelsoft's Award winning case study for a Medical Company
63%Decrease in training cost
12 %Increase in Q3’21 sales
17 %Increase in Q4’21 sales

Business Needs

The client wanted to adopt an instructional approach to address their challenges-

    • Despite training, many salespeople failed to identify their target audience.
    • Communication gap existed between facilitators and sales professionals, especially regarding the medical jargon.
    • New hires mostly remained unresponsive to the theoretical learning sessions.
    • Marketers (especially Eastern Europeans) preferred training in their local languages.
    • Arranging facilitators was time-consuming and expensive.
Excelsoft's Award winning case study for a Medical Company

Solution Highlights

  • Delivered learning as an activity-driven solution.
  • Made the training facilitator independent.
  • The web training format was adopted with the following attributes: 
    • Gamification approach to present the content.
    • Non-example examples to explain the medical jargon and processes to non-medical professionals.
    • HTML DOM Assets for ease of translation and text editing.
    • Balanced use of audio narration to cut recording costs.

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