Performance-based online testing to assess geriatric caregivers for improved training and caregiving

The Client

SEIU (Service Employees International Union) 775 Benefits Group is a large nonprofit training organization in Washington State in the United States with a mission to improve the skills, health and stability of a 60,000+ strong caregiving workforce.

Excelsoft’s SarasTM enabled the organization to transition from paper-based testing to online testing transforming how the organization managed its assessments and gained better insights into the impact of its programs.


Native languages


Online tests


of Customer Satisfaction


  • Multilingual Support with localization of the assessment platform and content into over 17 different languages
  • Performance-based Assessment and Grading
  • Standard and Non-Standard Device Compatibilityfor test-taking
  • Integration of the testing solution with the client’s existing legacy technology ecosystem.

The SarasTM Test and Assessment solution has bolstered the organization’s ability to increase both the speed and quality of the caregiver workforce.

Download the case study to find out more about how the solution provided a data-enabled means to evaluate and improve the efficacy of the client’s training programs.

 Click here to download the complete case study


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