Research and Innovation

Research and Innovation

The Dhananjaya Institute of Didactics and Cognitive Sciences (DIDACS)

The Dhananjaya Institute of Didactics and Cognitive Sciences (DIDACS), a high-performance computing center, is established by Excelsoft to commemorate 60 years of experience and to honor the immense contributions by Professor M. H. Dhananjaya in the field of Education. This Center of Excellence is a coming together of the great ideas in our Indian traditional system of learning and tools provided by modern science and technology, evolving into a mutually beneficial symbiosis, reflecting the principles which guided Professor Dhananjaya’s life and work, especially in the field of technical education.

Towards achieving these, the Institute will begin with two arms –

  • Setting up of a high performance computing center, scalable as per demand, with adequate hardware and software infrastructure and Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning (AI / ML) tools. A major emphasis at this center will be on training programmes in the areas of Data Science, AI / ML.
  • A center for Natural Language Processing, NLP, in the context of Indian languages with special reference to Sanskrit.

Inaugurated on Dec 09, 2021, the Institute has started functioning with Dr. C. S. Yogananda as the Director and Vidwan Srinivasa Karanta in charge of Sanskrit studies.

Researching at DIDACS

DIDACS aims to promote, inspire and facilitate multidisciplinary research to find innovative solutions to critical problems in various application areas that include but are not limited to education, healthcare, cognitive science, and urban planning.

Excelsoft and DIDACS aim to motivate researchers from across regions to tap into the resources of the center and solve critical problems in various application areas like education, healthcare, cognitive sciences, urban planning and more, without concerns of costs and management. Interested researchers can email their applications to email id

DIDACS in the Context of Excelsoft

DIDACS enables Excelsoft, a pioneer in edtech, to create innovative and differentiated products to help solve complex problems that we come across in our customer business needs and the edtech market.

Excelsoft’s remote proctoring product team is harnessing DIDACS to make its proctoring platform easyProctor a lot smarter by exploring Deep Learning methods to make proctoring minimally dependent on human intervention.

Personalized learning approaches are algorithm-based, and building these algorithms requires a team of psychometricians, computing experts and computing power. DIDACS will support Excelsoft’s effort to continually improve personalized learning strategies across our products.

DIDACS will be key for Excelsoft to develop AI and ML-based next-generation adaptive test engines and intelligent engines for automated construction of items and tests.