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Saras Case Study on Driving Test Agency

SarasTM Test and Assessment Implementation for Driver’s License Testing Platform for a Large European City

The client is an executive government transportation agency. The agency sought a solution to facilitate creating and delivering various driving assessments. Through the successful implementation of Excelsoft’s secure assessment platform, the agency is now able to administer approximately 350,000 exams per month.

Saras Case Study for a Public University in Saudi Arabia

SarasTM Test and Assessment for a Leading Public University in Saudi Arabia for Their End-to-End Online Assessment Process

The university is a pioneer in technology adoption across its colleges in Saudi Arabia. In 2022, the client sought to migrate its end-to-end assessment process to SarasTM Test and Assessment solution. The client aimed to increase the process efficiency and facilitate a robust, flexible, inclusive, and easy-to-use assessment solution for its professors and students.

Saras Case Study for Certifying Nurses

Performance-based online testing to assess geriatric caregivers for improved training and caregiving

The client transitioned from paper-based to online testing with SarasTM Test and Assessment to measure the ability of care givers to provide proper care and evaluate the efficacy of their training programs.

Saras Case Study on Mexico Pension Fund Administrators

Excelsoft partners with TAEC to provide an award-winning online testing solution for Mexico’s Pension Fund Administrators for improved exam integrity

Excelsoft and TAEC built an effective online testing solution for the regulatory body of Mexico’s pension system, supporting the delivery and monitoring of large volumes of high stake exams to regularly test agents of private financial companies that managed retirement funds.

Saras Case Study on Government Agency

SarasTM for Government Agencies

Learn how a very large State Government agency acting as the principal human resource provider for the Executive Branch of State Government used our secure and reliable SarasTM Test and Assessment solution addressed the Technology, People, Culture and System Challenges in Transitioning from a Legacy System.

Saras Case Study for a Medical Board

Mobile Ready Assessment Solution for Board Certification of Physicians

The client transitioned to Saras to deliver Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessments and certify Physicians while enabling them to take these assessments on the go using their mobile phones.

Saras Case Study for a Largest Online University

A futuristic digital assessment solution to deliver large-scale high stake exams for an Online University in the US

One of the largest online universities serving more than 81,000 students across the USA and delivering online competency-based degree programs to help students succeed at the workplace by bridging their skill gap and making them future-ready.

Saras Case Study for a Medical University in Malaysia

Medical university streamlines their operations by moving away from paper-based to digital assessments

The University shifted from a traditional paper-based approach to our digital assessment platform for delivering summative and performance-based assessments across their medical, nursing, dentistry, pharmacy and other programs.

Saras Case Study for Vocational Training

Saudi Arabia’s Authority for Applied Training adopts SarasTM to standardize their assessment methodology across the vocational sectors

The client adopted SarasTM Test and Assessment to standardize the assessment methodology for all vocational training colleges and use the outcomes of the assessments to determine eligibility for continued funding of these institutions in Saudi Arabia.

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