Saras™ Test and Assessment empowers academic institutions including K12 and Higher Education students with comprehensive test preparation and remedial learning platform

Saras™ Test and Assessment is a trusted online assessment management solution used by over 30 million students worldwide. Schools, Colleges and Universities use Saras™ to conduct formative, summative and end of semester exams.

Saras™ offers the highest level of security, scalability, and meet the demand for large volume assessments, and support diverse delivery modes. Schools, Colleges and Universities can author and conduct exams within their enterprise network. It is backed by IRT and CTT based data analysis to support adaptive test delivery.

Teachers and Subject Matter Experts can use Saras™ to create assessments using over 40+ item types with MathML and ChemML support.

Assessment and Proctoring for K12 and Higher Education students for Test Preparation and Remedial Learning by Excelsoft


Assessment and Proctoring for K12 and Higher Education students for Practicing Test by Excelsoft


Assessment and Proctoring for K12 and Higher Education students from Preparation to Perfection by Excelsoft


Specialized Features


  • Lockdown browser support
  • Practice exams to prepare and track exam-readiness
  • Item bookmarking for revisiting the same before submission
  • Quick and easy navigation between exam sections
  • Support for assignment submission


  • Student/group/class management
  • Quick test creation through templates
  • Enables student-teacher interaction
  • Manual scoring functions for subjective responses


  • License management
  • Robust master data management features
  • Analytical reports with deep insights to Item and Test data


  • Get your candidates ready for the standardized exam with a comprehensive orientation.
  • Cover the exam structure, key subjects, and focus areas.
Prepare candidates for standardized exams by Excelsoft
Master any subject - Formative, Diagnostic, mock & custom tests by Excelsoft


Help candidates master subjects with formative assessments, diagnostic tests, mock exams, custom (create your own) tests, and more.

  • Offer personalized candidate feedback and progress reports


  • Achieve mastery of the relevant subject(s), skills, and strategies needed to succeed.
  • Access remedial learning resources, engage with subject matter experts, and practice with additional exam packs.
Empower Candidates from Preparation to Perfection by Excelsoft
Saras for Adaptive Testing by Excelsoft

Adaptive Testing

Saras™ is a highly customizable assessment management system that offers configurable adaptive test rules that allows teachers to tailor the rule of item selection for adaptive tests. It also supports to configure custom adaptive algorithm to meet specific requirements.

Analytics and Reporting

Get insights into exam performance with a comprehensive reporting dashboard that includes charts, graphs, and trends

  • Candidate performance
  • Item and Test-level Analytics and Reporting
  • Forensic analysis via audit log
  • Custom reports
  • Content usage, engagement, and efficacy
Saras Supports Rich Analytics and Reporting System
Saras Can Be Seamlessly Integrated With Your Existing Learning Systems

Ease of Integration

Saras™ complies with IMS LTI interoperability standard and can seamlessly integrate with any learning management system and candidate management system

Saras™ offers standard protocols like LTI, oAuth, HMAC, and REST APIs for seamless integration with any third party system and ensure secured data exchange mechanisms

Saras™ is integrated with popular platforms like Moodle, Blackboard, and Openpath.

Online Exam Center Management System

  • Manage online testing centers, exam infrastructure, and candidate slot allocation with ease
  • Seamlessly manage e-marketplace – catalog, payments and discounts, and payment gateway
Saras Manages online testing centers, exam infrastructure, and candidate slot allocation with ease
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