End-to-End Assessment Delivery

Saras™ Test and Assessment is a powerful assessment management tool that allows publishers to create, store, and deliver online assessments to their customers. Saras™ will enable publishers to reduce operational challenges in item authoring process, access deep insights of item and test data, scale and meet the demand for large volume assessments, and support diverse delivery modes. Saras™ comes with flexible licensing model to manage institutional sales and integrated e-commerce and Test booking system to manage individual sales.

Deliver Tests and Remedial Learning

Create different item types, encrypt, and securely store them in an item bank with rich metadata from Excelsoft

Author Items

Collaboratilvely author items, and securely store them in an Item bank with rich metadata.

Create your tests using items and templates and publish them from Excelsoft

Create and Schedule

Create Test template and Tests, securely store them and publish for delivery

Effortlessly deliver many types of assessments securely across desktops, mobile devices, and traditional paper formats from Excelsoft

Test Delivery

Effortlessly and securely deliver assessments across PC/Mac, laptops, mobile devices, and traditional pen-and-paper formats

Automated and rubric-based grading for assessment items with score review and moderation from Excelsoft


Automated scoring for objective items, Scalar and Rubric-based scoring for subjective items with support for score moderation and normalization.

A Great User Experience


  • Streamlined process support for item and test authoring
  • Efficient workflow management for authors and editors
  • Robust license management and test publishing functions
  • Adherence to Industry standards for content reusability
  • Robust role privilege management with RBAC framework


  • Streamlined process for managing Test centres
  • Access to comprehensive question bank management functions
  • Actionable item and test data insights through smart reports
  • Ready APIs for School Management Information Systems (MIS) integration


  • Secure and effortless student login
  • Engaging and device friendly user experience

Item and Test Authoring

Powerful and intuitive Item and Test Authoring capabilities with secured and structured banking

  • Support for rich media, MathML, and scientific equations
  • Support for metadata management, and version control
  • Bulk import features for QTI based questions and support for conversion tool to import questions using MS Word and MS Excel template
Item and Test Authoring from Excelsoft
A Robust and Secure Assessment Management Solution from Excelsoft

A Robust and Secure Assessment Management Solution

Highly Secure Online Testing platform with Real-Time Test Monitoring features:

  • Support for Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • Lockdown browser for secured exam delivery
  • Compliant with industry-standard interoperability for quick integration
  • Live dashboard for real-time exam monitoring
  • Secured data exchange for conducting Test centre based exams
  • Scalable to support high volume exams without compromising performance

Scoring Responses and Exam Moderation

Automated scoring, hybrid and manual scoring support for constructed essay responses and pen-and-paper exams

  • Manage markers and allocate responses for scoring
  • Use of rubrics to enable consistent and uniform scoring
  • Support to access model answers, and on-screen marking tools for exam evaluation
  • Support for score moderation and normalization process
Scoring Responses and Exam Moderation from Excelsoft
Analytics and Reporting from Excelsoft

Analytics and Reporting

Get insights into exam performance with a comprehensive reporting dashboard that includes charts, graphs, and trends

  • Candidate performance reports
  • Item and Test-level performance Analytics
  • Forensic analysis via audit trail reports
  • Reports on content usage, engagement, and efficacy
  • Support for custom report development

License Management

Saras™ Test and Assessment offers flexible licensing model and a comprehensive user management features. It supports integration with diverse payment gateways to enable eCommerce functions.

Flexible license and user management from Excelsoft
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