K-12 Learning Solutions

K-12 Learning Solutions

Excelsoft’s solutions for the K-12 education sector comprises of technology platforms and content solutions that enable our customers to deliver state-of-the-art products to schools and learners that are built on contemporary teaching-learning methods and best practices.

SarasTM K-12 Learning Management System

SarasTM K-12 Learning Management System promotes sustained engagement between students, teachers, and parents. This comprehensive solution includes components that automate teaching and learning processes, enable teachers to deliver more effective lessons, and orient every learner towards success.

K-12 LMS
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Excelsoft’s homegrown eTextbook distribution solution, OpenPage, provides educational publishers with a simple, efficient, and innovative way to publish eBooks and distribute across schools and colleges.

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  • Holistic Development

Educational Content Services

Our experienced team of learning experience designers and content developers have all the necessary expertise to design and develop enriching learning experiences for students of various K-12 age groups.

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