SarasTM Test and Assessment Solution for Major Driving Test Agency

SarasTM Test and Assessment for
Driver’s License Testing Platform

The Client

The client is an executive government transportation agency. The agency administers driving tests for license seekers and approves people to be driving instructors across regions and languages.
Instructor with checklist and woman in car, examination or lesson in driving school. Man teaching lady to drive vehicle, exam. Driver's license education
5 M+ Exams Delivered to Date
3.5 M+ Exams Administered Annually
3K+ Legacy Items Migrated

Business Needs

The client required a solution that would enable them to create and deliver various driving assessments.

The following were some key challenges:

  • Short window of 7 months to implement the solution
  • Test forms to deliver more than 18+ exam types
  • Support for multiple languages and inclusivity features
  • Developing scenario-based tests for assessing risk perception of drivers and instructors
  • Delivering exams in heterogeneous test centers

Solution Highlights

  • Transitioned from Windows-based to web-based assessment platform
  • Delivery of various types of tests, like practice, theory, simulation, and more
  • Supports online and offline delivery across different test center providers
  • In-video response marking for risk perception type of tests
  • Secure handling of personal information flowing through the system

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