Real-time face and object detection is an AI-enabled service from Excelsoft. It focuses on identifying and locating faces and objects within a real-time video stream. The process involves analyzing visual data and making predictions about the presence and location of human faces and/or objects. This application is beneficial for proctors and reviewers during Online Remote Proctoring, as it helps them detect any malpractice occurring during an examination

Use cases:

  • Detection of Faces and Objects: To identify faces within images or videos and recognize objects, aiding in the surveillance of remotely proctored exam sessions to spot unauthorized items or actions suggestive of cheating, like the presence of cell phones or notes.
  • Sentiment Analysis: To discern a person's emotional expressions crucial in human interactions for conveying emotions such as happiness, sorrow, anger, astonishment, and affection, among others.
  • Eye Ball Identification: To pinpoint and track the location of eyes and screen focus in images or video frames.


  • Upon loading the application, your camera will activate, and the video will appear on the screen.
  • The application will analyze the video stream for each frame, detecting faces, objects, emotions, and eye movements.
  • Pre-configured triggers such as – No face detected, Multiple faces detected, user not focusing on the screen, external objects detected, and electronic items detected will be promptly displayed on the screen. The application allows you to log these events along with the timestamp and screenshot.
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