Higher Education Solutions

COVID-19 Update

At a challenging time like this, we, at Excelsoft, are open to lending a helping hand to all schools, colleges, universities or organizations who want to transition from classroom-based learning and assessments to online. Click to know more

Higher Education Solutions

Our solutions for the sector focuses on providing a comprehensive solution by offering a sector-specific online education platform enabling instructors for constant learner engagement, supplemented by our data-driven student success platform that empowers your students to take control of their education and beyond.


CollegeSPARC solution has been developed with the active collaboration of leaders in higher education who understand the needs of the students, universities and aligns well with the recommendations from Complete College America (CCA), a non-profit organization that is a leader in defining strategies for student success and improved retention

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  • Fully Cloud Hosted

  • Modular Architecture


Online Learning in higher education in Healthcare was thought to be foreign and not applicable in India. But the pandemic has made us realize that it’s the blended model, that is going to stay.

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  • Seamless Onboarding

  • One Click Reports