Saras™: A Comprehensive Online Testing Solution for Government Agencies

Government agencies worldwide use Saras™ to conduct online testing for civil service examinations. Saras™ is a comprehensive online testing solution with an intuitive UI, configurable workflows, and secure delivery options.

Seamless Collaboration amongst Multiple individuals from various Government organizations and departments by Excelsoft

Synergy between Government Agencies

Seamless collaboration amongst multiple individuals from various Government organizations and departments.

Helps Hiring Managers create a Diverse and Inclusive Workforce by Excelsoft

Diversity and Inclusion – More relevant today than before

Helps hiring managers create a diverse and inclusive workforce

Saras™ adapts with CAT & MST for personalized, effective assessments

Psychometrically Sound Platform

Saras™ Test and Assessment utilizes both Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT)
and Multi-Stage Adaptive Testing (MST) to personalize the test experience for each examinee, ensuring a tailored and effective assessment process

Secure assessments, delivered on time, every time by Excelsoft

Security – Support for High – Stakes Exams

End -to- end assessment management platform ensuring a secure and timely assessment delivery.

Exam Series Management

  • Conduct event based exams for multiple job titles
  • Deliver similar but not an identical exam content for each candidate
  • Support to combine multiple subject areas into a single exam
  • Build and reuse test plans across exam events
  • Log and track all exam activities with detailed audit trail reports
Conduct exams for multiple job titles through a single event by Excelsoft
Continuous exam scheduling with automatic exam center allocation by Excelsoft

Scheduling and Exam Center Management

  • Create and manage open dated and recurring exam schedules for continuous recruitment
  • Support for closest exam center allocation using candidate’s geolocation data
  • Allow candidates to book their test schedule and exam center
  • Allow administrator to schedule exams in bulk

Scoring and Banding

  • Flexible and customizable scoring for all your hiring needs
  • Multiple scoring plans for the same exam
  • Exam score banding to support Rule of 3 (or 5, etc.)
  • Multiple banding size options are available
  • “What if” scenarios supported for changing pass points
  • Add points for non-test attributes such as veteran’s status and seniority
Flexible and customizable scoring for all your hiring needs by Excelsoft
Decentralize any part of the exam lifecycle, including creation, scheduling, exam center management, printing, by Excelsoft

Centralized or decentralized exam management

  • Decentralize any part of the exam lifecycle, including creation, scheduling, exam center management, printing, and more.
  • Request and track test materials from other groups.
  • Track requests for your materials.
  • Organize exam question booklets by subject area for efficient printing and shipping.

Integration Capability

  • Saras™ complies with IMS LTI interoperability standard and can seamlessly integrate with any learning management system and candidate management system
  • Saras™ offers standard protocols like LTI, SSO, OpenID, SAML, oAuth, HMAC, and REST APIs for seamless integration with any third party system and ensure secured data exchange mechanisms
Saras™ API-based Assessment Management System for Government agencies offers

Comprehensive Reporting

  • Saras™ Test and Assessment: Powerful analytics and reporting with deep insights to item and test data
  • Get the best-in-class reports and export them to MS Excel for further analysis.
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