About OpenPage

Digital Book Publishing Solution

OpenPage is a comprehensive, end-to-end digital book publishing platform that helps you deliver an analytics driven personalized learning experience through eBooks.

Why OpenPage?

OpenPage is more than just an ebook reader.  It’s an entire digital book publishing ecosystem that has been designed to put ebook publishers in control.

OpenPage- A cloud based solution

Cloud Based Solution

OpenPage- Can be white labelled

White Labelled

OpenPage- Can create Analytics


OpenPage-Has the best eBook features

Best in class eBook Features

OpenPage is a mobile ready solution

Mobile Ready

OpenPage- Content is accessible both online/ offline

Online/offline Content Availability

OpenPage Key Features

OpenPage Features

Publisher Applications

  1. Directly import PDF books
  2. Enrich ePub and eBooks with multimedia
  3. Author and add assessments
  4. Publish eBooks to multiple platforms
  5. Powerful subscription sub-system

Create, enrich, publish, distribute and deliver engaging eBooks

Smarter Pedagogy

  1. Analytics driven system generated insights
  2. Personalized e-book study plan for pin-point remediation
  3. Learning nudges

Deliver a highly personalized learning experience

OpenPage- Smart Pedagogy
OpenPage supports rich analytics

Rich Analytics

  1. For ebook publishers and institutions
  2. For students
  3. For instructors

Take more informed decisions

Ease of Integration

  1. Student Information System (SIS)
  2. LMS
  3. Other learning tools

Seamless ebook reading experience

Seemless integration with OpenPage
OpenPage caters to K12, HE , Test Prep publishers and Corporate Training.

Sectors we serve

OpenPage is a versatile ebook publishing solution, capable of serving varied and specific use cases across different sectors within the education and learning domain.

  1. K12 publishers
  2. Higher education publishers
  3. Test Prep publishers
  4. Corporate training
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