OpenPage License Manager

OpenPage License Manager is OpenPage’s subscription sub-system that allows you to manage the distribution of content and covers all distribution models including retail, institutional, rental and access codes.

OpenPage License Manager: Access code based distribution

Access code
based distribution

Generate access codes for your published content and distribute them online or offline. You can even upload your own access codes. Access codes can be redeemed by users to gain access to the content.

Your content is secure.

All your published content is secured using AES 256 bit encryption and can only be read through your branded readers.

OpenPage License Manager- Helps in keeping all the published content secure
OpenPage License Manager: Allows District and Institution Administration

District and Institution Administration

The district and institution management modules allows admins to manage the distribution of the purchased licenses/subscriptions.


Integrate your ecommerce store to automatically fulfill licences sold through the online transactions.

OpenPage License Manager- Allows you to integrate your eCommerce
OpenPage License Manager- Allows you to manage policies

Manage Policies

Manage policies such as license/subscription expiration, concurrent access, number of devices per user and exclusion of platforms or devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does OpenPage support Access code based distribution of licenses?

Yes. Publishers can generate access codes for published titles which can be redeemed by the end user to gain access to the title

Is there a district admin panel available for districts to manage purchased licenses?

Yes. Publishers can set up district accounts and allocate licenses to the accounts. Districts can in turn manage the distribution of the purchased licenses. District admins can set up Institution entities, add users to institutes and allocate licenses.

Is there an institution admin panel available for institutions to manage purchased licenses?

Yes. Publishers or district admins can set up institution account. Institutions can then can manage the distribution of the purchased licenses to their users. Publishers or Districts can also manage the license for an institution.

Does OpenPage support distribution through ecommerce?

Yes. OpenPage can be easily integrated with your ecommerce portal. Payment gateway integration means that orders can be received and fulfilled automatically through OpenPage.

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