OpenPage PowerRead

Deliver data driven personalized learning experience

PowerRead has been designed to accelerate past traditional preparation methods and drives student readiness with personalized study plans, engaging content and frequent comprehension checks. It combines the breadth and depth of a textbook with the personalized focus of a personal tutor to deliver a comprehensive learning solution.

Pedagogical Innovation

PowerRead employs a fresh pedagogy to ensure higher level of topic comprehension and continual invigoration of identified student weak zones

Diagnostic pre-test

The system identifies the weak zones that the students should work to strengthen through the diagnostic pre-tests.

OpenPage PowerRead- The system recommends a diagnostic pre-test
OpenPage PowerRead- offers personalized study plans

Personalized study plan

Once the learning gaps have been identified, pin-point remedial content is served to the learners to overcome the weak zones.


Post-test helps the learners establish their understanding of former weak zones and identifies any further areas of improvement.

OpenPage PowerRead- also offers Post-test to establish learner's better understand
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