OpenPage Enterprise

For when out of the box solution won’t do the job

Digital Publishing Platform for Enterprises: We allow enterprises to customize the platform to help ease publishing, distribution, and monetization of content.

OpenPage Enterprise: Enables bespoke feature development

Bespoke feature development

Need a custom feature built into the platform or have a specific use case? OpenPage’s flexible architecture allows it to serve any customization requirements.

Custom look and feel

We understand how important branding and aesthetics are for our customers. That’s why we enable our customers to define the look and feel of the reader applications.

OpenPage Enterprise: Enable customers to define the look and feel of the app
OpenPage Enterprise: Gives tailor-made report

Tailor-made reports

OpenPage provides out of the box reports through its reporting dashboards. However, any specific reporting requirements can be catered to with ease.

Deep linking and Integration

OpenPage can become one with your existing platforms or offerings to enable a seamless learning experience

OpenPage Enterprise- seamless integration with existing platforms
OpenPage Enterprise- Can be hosted anywhere

Host Anywhere

OpenPage offers you the freedom to host your application deployment. Choose to host it on a cloud service of your choice or a physical data center.

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