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Whether you operate in K-12 , Higher Ed, Test-Prep or Corporate Learning domain,
OpenPage can fulfil your requirements

OpenPage caters to K12 PublishersK12 Publishers
  1. Embed Multimedia, interactivity and assessments
  2. Read aloud with highlighted reading
  3. Receive scores in your gradebook
  4. Multiple annotation tools
  5. Access on desktop, tablet or smartphone
  1. Publisher, district and school admin panels
  2. Reporting dashboards
  3. Branded reader apps
  4. Add Teacher-Student Interaction
OpenPage caters to Higher Ed PublishersHigher-Ed Publishers
  1. Immersive content with audio, video, simulations and more
  2. Data driven personalized experience
  3. Text-to-speech for on the go learning
  4. Access through smartphone, tablet or desktop
  1. Read online and offline
  2. Easy LMS and SIS integration
  3. Instructor-cohort collaboration
  4. Single Sign On for seamless learning
OpenPage caters to Test Prep PublishersTest-Prep Publishers
  1. Smarter way to prepare for tests
  2. Diagnostic pre-test for weakness identification
  3. System Generated Personalized Study Plan
  4. System guided remediation
  1. Knowledge checks and end of lesson tests
  2. Post-test for further consolidation
  3. Rich analytics to track progress
OpenPage caters to Corporate TrainingCorporate Training
  1. Create multimedia rich training courses
  2. Create quick knowledge checks
  3. Add simulations and interactive exercises
  1. Keep track of course progress
  2. Export reports
  3. Easy Integration with LMS
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