Learning and Development solutions

Learning and Development Solutions

Our Learning and Development solutions cater to corporates who are looking for comprehensive enterprise learning solutions comprising of a learning experience platform for delivering quality employee training, a microlearning mobile-first platform to build differentiated learning experiences, and a plethora of content services for improving learning outcomes.


Efficient transfer of learning that suits the millenial learners' demand for training which is informal, on-demand and customized to their needs. Short bursts of informative nuggets that match the working memory capacity and attention spans of learners.

Excelsoft's microlearning platform- EnablEd
  • Learning on the GO

  • Bite - Sized Learning

eLearning Studio

Excelsoft’s eLearning Studio is proud to provide industry specific, culturally appropriate eLearning across businesses. We work closely with businesses to align their eLearning strategy with business goals and ensure that businesses get maximum return on their eLearning investment.

Saras Authoring
  • Video and Animation Development

  • Accessibility in e-Learning