Digital solution to deliver enhanced teaching and learning services to a world’s leading research institution

The Client

The customer is one of the world’s leading research institutions, a global publishing house and university press supporting schools worldwide.


Business Needs

Being the publisher for the International Examinations such as A-Level qualifications, and a global leader in IB Diploma resources, the client was looking to build a digital solution that would enhance the learning material with rich digital content and interactivities to engage and motivate students.

  1. 1Deliver digital content covering the full range of subjects including English, Science, Mathematics, etc.
  2. 2Enable a rich and interactive digital learning experience for students across various digital devices and platforms.
  3. 3Seamlessly Integrate with the in-house learning systems of the client.
  4. 4Support multiple business models such as eCommerce, school sales, and direct distribution.
  5. 5Scalable and robust platform to support growing needs of the client’s user base e.g. up to 50 million users.

Solution Highlights

Excelsoft’s OpenPage platform was chosen to support the requirements of the client. The OpenPage platform is a result of Excelsoft’s expertise in the education industry and a thorough understanding of the publishing business and its requirements.

  1. Ingestion of open source components into the platform with ease to meet the specific functional and UI/UX requirements.
    • Integration of the annotation tool without compromising other features and user experience.
    • A special messaging center to facilitate student-teacher interaction.
    • A customized component to integrate the assessments from other vendors including Excelsoft’s flagship assessment platform (Saras™ Test and Assessment).
    • FTP ingestion and bulk tagging feature.
    • Custom reports were developed to meet the business-specific requirements.
  2. An independent application was built to import/migrate existing titles of the client into the OpenPage platform with ease and enrich the content with digital assets {such as quiz, video, audio) automatically.
  3. Integrating the third party applications used by the client.
    • Integration with individual subscription and institutional account management application.
    • Integration with SarasTM and other vendors for content-based quizzes.
  4. Support for IOS, Android, and Web apps for any time, anywhere, and any device content delivery.

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