Assessment and Proctoring Solutions

Assessment and Proctoring Solutions

Excelsoft offers a powerful suite of Assessment and Proctoring solutions catering to the learning and assessment needs of educational publishers, universities and schools, government, defense, and corporate sectors.

SarasTM Test and Assessment

Saras™ Test and Assessment is an end-to-end online testing solution offering educators the ability to author and deliver highly personalized assessments. Its comprehensive set of functionality, combined with configurable workflows, test construction, and delivery mechanisms enables our customers to choose from a variety of assessment models, including but not limited to formative assessment and summative assessment.

  • 30+ Question Types

  • Workflow Manager Remotely Based


Excelsoft’s SmartEval tool enables organizations to evaluate and rank job applications based on simple to complex scoring rules. A flexible, easy to navigate and extensible business rule-based system supports this application screening and ranking system.

Saras SIMS
  • Powerful and Intuitive

  • Smart Integration


easyProctor- an innovative remote proctoring solution that ensures the sanctity and integrity of the online examination by eliminating any candidate malpractice through recorded proctoring, live-proctoring, and secure browser-based exam delivery.

Saras SIMS
  • Recorded Proctoring

  • Live Proctoring

Industries We Serve

  • Universities and Colleges

    Research to date has shown that Item Response Theory (IRT) has been applied to get the best results from adaptive item sequencing. Saras™ provides a strong adaptive and customizable engine that follows the IRT parameters.

  • Certification Bodies

    Saras™ is the perfect solution for certification bodies who are looking for an eAssessment platform that can manage all ends of the assessment process. From registration to assessment and AI driven proctoring to results and certification. Saras™ modular approach helps certification bodies deploy the solution and ensure business continuity in any environment.

  • Organizations

    Upskilling the workforce is critical for any organization's success. Saras™ provides testing solutions whether recruitment, onboarding, psychometric, or certification testing. A simple, efficient and easy-to-use platform helps in keeping the Learning and Development costs low and provides a great user experience.

  • Governments

    Governments require a secure solution to hiring, training, testing and upskilling their employees. SarasTM is currently being used by some of the largest governments in the world. This goes to show the credibility and stability of SarasTM as a product.