Success Stories

Success Stories

SarasTM for Government Agencies

Learn how a very large State Government agency acting as the principal human resource provider for the Executive Branch of State Government used our secure and reliable SarasTM Test and Assessment solution addressed the Technology, People, Culture and System Challenges in Transitioning from a Legacy System.

SarasTM for Assessment and Certification of Nurses

Learn how SarasTM Test and Assessment, our robust and comprehensive assessment solution helped benefits group representing more than 44,000 long-term care workers meet their requirement for assessing and certifying the skill sets of caregivers responsible for treating older adults and people with disabilities.

SarasTM Test and Assessment for Certifications

Learn how Excelsoft team identified the challenges faced by users of the legacy system at the certification board and proposed a solution using our SarasTM Test and Assessment platform which helped meet the board’s current and futuristic requirements, thereby impacting the candidate enrollment numbers in a positive way.

CollegeSPARC for BYU-Idaho

CollegeSPARC deployed for BYU-Idaho addresses various parts of the students’ journey within the college and towards a career through some of the key modules that capture and provide the necessary support to the students forming an integral part of CollegeSPARC and the student journey at BYU-Idaho.

SarasTM for Online University

One of the largest online universities serving more than 81,000 students across the USA and delivering online competency-based degree programs to help students succeed at the workplace by bridging their skill gap and making them future-ready.