Schools Overview

Solutions to Transform School Education

The onset of digital world has brought with it a set of revolutionary changes in the education sector.

Students readiness towards technology is encouraging educators to restructure their traditional teaching methodologies, and align it towards modernized concepts of interactive and experiential learning.

This is where our School solutions, which is the turn-key solution for empowering education eco-system go digital. It offers an authentic and collaborative learning experience extending beyond traditional classrooms and textbooks creating a unique environment for effective learning with efficient integration of technology.

Automate, Leverage and Excel

Automate your redundant manual processes involving various stakeholders across your educational institute, through a broad set of unified functional capabilities of our School Information Management System

Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Solutions

Innovative teaching Solutions for Schools to enhance learning outcomes by leveraging Excelsoft’s research based business acumen and industry experience across the globe.

Learning through reflection on doing

Empowering teachers to develop modern pedagogical concepts which allows students to learn through experience building mechanisms.

Services For School

Audit Consultancy

Institutional excellence can be achieved by attaining high performance in every aspect of an institution’s activities, be it school governance, resource management, community relationships. Our dedicated services help your institution in achieving excellence & sustain it !!!

Institute Technological Leadership

Consultancy to set up Technology Driven Schools contributing to the realization of vision for world class education. Excelsoft’s consulting team helps school attain defined quality standards by providing step by step guidance as per procedural guidelines.

Transform and Grow

Our experience of managing our in-house model school gives us the ability to advise upcoming institutions to transform their operations, which leads to improving overall quality of learning and helps in getting accreditation through many state and national education boards.

Editorial Services

Excelsoft offers a bouquet of content related services related to authoring of curriculum aligned books, Creation of Lesson Plans & Question pool, Storyboarding for digital content which helps inculcate relevant content in teaching resources for better learning.

Our wide range of solutions span both curricular and co-curricular areas, and are carefully researched to help develop cognitive, affective and psychomotor skills. Request for a personalized demo.

Numbers that help you conclude

25000+Schools using our K12 solutions
120+ Textbooks authored
13M+ Users