Schools Experiential Learning Solutions

Experiential Learning Solutions

Collaboratively designed solutions to help improve essential life skills such as
Self-management, Communication and Critical Thinking to transform ideas to actions and
challenges into solutions


Learning events to cater to multiple intelligences and various learning styles, enhancing the inclusivity of learning and reaching out to every student

Thinking Science

Our module help students practice science processes and skill. Observe, identify variables, design experiments, gather data, communicate their findings, research, and think science like scientists do.

We make learning come alive

Promote activity based learning following an interdisciplinary approach to bridge the gap between real world issues and class room topics through a spectrum of teaching strategies, innovative models, instruments, and technology.

In pursuit of Excellence

Our experts in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education will help your students explore and implement effective learning in schools, and grow into innovators, inventors, and entrepreneurs.

Project Maker

  • A student centered tool that involves a dynamic classroom approach which helps students, acquire a deeper knowledge & understanding of concepts through active exploration of real-world challenges and problems.
  • A Project Based learning system enabling cross curricular online project which helps students construct knowledge in collaboration, in turn promoting life skills as well as promoting holistic and self-learning

Project Kits

  • Pack of Project Activities and associated resources targeted towards skill development modules to enable students to complete their projects
  • Customizable rubrics linkage with appropriate weightages for assessment

Our wide range of solutions span both curricular and co-curricular areas, and are carefully researched to help develop cognitive, affective and psychomotor skills. Request for a personalized demo.